Using Digital Camera Without A Flash Unit

I have been using a digital camera for the last few years. My latest digital camera is the Sony Alpha 100 DSLR. This is the first professional like DSLR coming from Sony.The unit I bought is equipped with a zoom lens (16-80 mm) made by Carl Zeiss especially for Sony Alpha. I particularly love this lens; it is permanently attached to my Sony Alpha body.Taking an outdoor photo with this camera is a breeze. Most of the time I am using its P (program) mode. This is a semi-automatic mode whereby the unit uses its auto sensors to tell you middle ground
settings (aperture and shutter speed); a setting that will give you a near perfect picture.From there you can adjust the settings to increase depth of field (more front and background focus)
of a particular photo. If you over do it, the unit will warn you.

Even during an outdoor shooting with plenty of light, you will have a shadow section.
You may be standing in the sun light portion and pointing the camera into the shadow
portion, like an antique shop.This is a situation where you may need a flash unit. But with the Sony Alpha,
you can set the unit’s ISO to a minimum of 200 and you can take the shot without
using a flash unit; setting of ISO at 400 would even be better; you would get a
lighter photo. At this point, the format of the digital photo is JPG.
At the same time I also shoot the photo in RAW mode.
Sony gives you a mode where you can take one picture in two
modes (JPG and RAW) at the same time.The same picture in RAW mode gives you mega options in touching up the photograph,
extremely useful when you are taking a photo for web application.I also took a shot of a live evening rock concert band without using a flash unit,
by setting the ISO at 1600. You can see this photo at my website below.
Using this high ISO setting does give you some noises on the photo but the
sharpness is quite acceptable. At this time there is also some software
out there that can clear up the noises.To top it all off, Sony Alpha has a ” Super Steady Shot” setting whereby
the camera has an ability to compensate your shaky hand while taking the shot.
By setting the ISO high like 400 to 1600, you will increase the effectiveness
of this function; meaning that you would get a real sharp picture without using a flash unit.

Next, I would like to talk about the Carl Zeiss lens. I am very happy with it.
It can focus any object super fast, compare to a kit lens that came with the camera.
The color composition is bright and the contrast is very sharp.
Zooming function is very convenient when you are in a tight spot and
cannot step backward. I have had taken quite a few interior shots with
satisfactory results as well.All in all, I am very happy with the camera especially not using a flash
unit, but using it with most natural lights.


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